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Sentiment Analysis Services​

89% of companies across different sectors compete primarily based on customer experience. Customer experience is as important as the final product or service delivered.

To understand how your company battles the market and where it stands in consumer minds, customer satisfaction surveys have been the norm. But, imagine you can now know what your customers think about your brand, without using any surveys. Imagine getting to know unbiased reviews of your brand without nudging your customers. This is where sentiment analysis comes in.

Qualitative feedback given in the form of text can provide great insight into how people actually “feel” about your brand.  However, screening through textual data manually is not feasible and can be impossibly time-consuming for businesses.

One solution to this problem? Sentiment analysis.

What is Sentiment Analysis ?

Sentiment Analysis is a process of recognizing and categorizing a piece of text as per the tone conveyed by it. This text can be tweets, comments, feedback, and even random rants with positive, negative, and neutral sentiments associated with them. Sentiment analysis extracts the meaning from the text and a score is then applied based on the sentiment of the text.

Why Businesses Need Sentiment Analysis?

The use of sentiment analysis in business cannot be overlooked. In today’s digital world, where data is overloaded, businesses might have heaps of customer feedback collected. It becomes impossible for humans to analyze these data and get insights without any bias.

Sentiment analysis can assist businesses in drawing insights from these data. Moreover, it’s less time and labor-intensive and affords scale across millions of data points.

Let’s have a closer look at how sentiment analysis can be of benefit to businesses.

Brand Reputation Management

Sentiment analysis can be used to enhance brand reputation by analyzing the web and social media profiles about a brand, product, or service.

Gain competitive advantage

Sentiment analysis helps in analyzing the competitors and their marketing efforts. In this way, the businesses can adjust their value proposition and hit all the right marks.

Enhance customer experience

Businesses will be informed in real-time about the positive as well as negative reviews from the customers. Analyzing the sentiment of your customer feedback lets you learn your customers’ like and dislike.

Informed Decision Making

When businesses get to know what consumers like, dislike, or what their expectations are, they can conduct a market study to make better decisions.

Crisis Prevention

Businesses can get real-time notifications about negative comments online. This helps them quickly react and solve the problems before it turns into a social media crisis.

Sentiment Analysis Services Offered By Rankraze

Our sentiment analysis service helps you to better understand customers’ sentiments towards your brand, products, or services. No matter if you want us to analyze surveys or social media comments; we examine, evaluate, and classify them carefully based on your instructions.

Text Analysis for Surveys

The feedback within your survey responses is analyzed and given sentiment scores. The scores can help you address some of the more immediate concerns your customers have during their experiences.

Text Analysis for Customer Reviews

We analyze the sentiments from the customer reviews – positive, negative, and neutral – and identify gaps and pain-points that may have not been addressed by the businesses.

Text Analysis for Social Media

We use advanced sentiment analysis tools to generate actionable insights from social media likes, comments, shares, and more. These data will help businesses create social media campaigns and strategies which will effectively boost the brand image and perception.

How Sentiment Analysis Works?​

Industries taking advantage of Sentiment Analysis

Automotive Companies

Automotive companies use platforms like social media to get customer feedback. This feedback can then be used to enhance marketing and advertising efforts.

Insurance Companies

Sentiment analysis helps insurance companies to automate recurring processes, by which they reduce the workload of the insurance agents.

Banking and Finance

Sentiment analysis helps banking and finance companies to analyze customer feedback, evaluate customer interactions, assess claims, and identify compliance risks.


In the retail sector sentiment analysis can help understand better operational enhancements, product quality improvements, competitive intelligence, and brand reputation threat.


In politics, sentiment analysis can be used to measure emotional beliefs on any topic. For example, a political party can analyze the positive or negative mentions about particular candidates.


Sentiment analysis in the eCommerce sector helps to analyze customer reviews and comments to enhance the experience for the customers.

Why Choose Rankraze for Sentiment Analysis?


We do sentiment analysis in multiple languages to understand the true sentiments of different groups of people around the world.

High Accuracy

We offer the highest level of accuracy in analyzing the sentiments of different kinds of people with different mindset.


We possess expertise in analyzing sentiments on different platforms for all industrial sectors.